Tony McNamara Barefoot Hoofcare

Barefoot trimmer offering a patient, natural and holistic approach to hoof trimming and whole horse health - based in the East of England.

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An obsession with the hoof

It all started with a lame horse called Tyson. After none of the old fashioned approaches to hoof care seemed to help him I decided to hire an equine podiatrist and it did not take long before we saw Tyson competing and hacking comfortably. I watched him thrive with this force-free, fuss-free and natural approach to how his feet were cared for.

It has been many years of research and learning, with many barefoot hooves having joined the herd since, and after our trimmer gave me my first rasp to help with Tyson’s fast-growing cob feet I have invested myself in this patient, natural approach and have become obsessed with the structure and function of hooves and how this relates to diet and lifestyle.

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Barefoot shetland with equine podiatrist Tony McNamara in Suffolk
Headshot of a barefoot horse


Initial Consultation (£45 + travel fees*) – We will start by getting some background information, including looking at the history of the horse and any previous or current health and foot issues. We will look at their diet, environment, and workload, observe the horse's gait in walk and trot, and devise a care plan that will work for you and your horse. Once you are happy, I will trim the horse as necessary, leave you with some recommendations and plan your next visit.

*See areas covered and travel fees below.
*Discounts available for multiple horses at the same yard.
*Cancellations with less than 48hrs notice are charged at full rate.

Additional services

Behavioural Training – Either for hoof care, trimming, or any other issues your horse may be experiencing.

Hoof Boot Fitting – I am working with The Hoof Boot Shop, offering a fitting service, and I carry fit kits for a selection of boots.

Supplier of Hoof Care products – I always carry a supply of Red Horse Products for you to purchase.

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Areas covered

Based near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and covering Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Travel Fees

0-10 miles: no travel fee

10-25 miles: £5 travel fee

25-40 miles: £10 travel fee

40+ miles: get in touch

If you are interested in an initial consultation or visit to discuss your requirements get in touch via my contact details listed below. 07711679151
Map showing coverage of Tony McNamara Barefoot EP in Suffolk
Equine podiatrist Tony McNamara trimming a barefoot horse.

What is Equine Podiatry?

Equine – Pertaining to animals classed as “Equidae” (Horses, Donkeys, Zebras and Hybrids such as mules). Podiatry – The branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of diseases of the foot. Equine Podiatry is a science-based approach to the care, diet and environment of the barefoot horse.

Barefoot hooves in Suffolk

Why Barefoot?

To me this has always seemed an odd question – I would ask “why shod”. Horses naturally thrive without shoes with the correct care, diet and environment. Able to work on all surfaces over great distances. With the correct trim and work, they will always grow enough hoof to replace what they wear. So “Why Shoes”?